Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whale Decor and More!

Happy Wednesday!  If you have been following the blog the last few days, you have likely read the first two posts about the whale-themed baby shower I hosted this past weekend!
Today's post will show some of my favorite decorations from the shower!  Really, we had too much fun with this one!

The "Welcome Baby Banner" was displayed
above the lunch buffet tables!

This banner read, "Brady" and set the tone
for the punch table's blue and green decor!

Do you rememeber the "whale" faucet cover that I bought for Baby Brady from yesterday's post?  {It held the white cakepops on the dessert table.}  This is the matching toy caddy that we bought to lend to Brady's bathtime adventures!  While it will probably hold toy boats and rubber ducks in the future, I used it on the buffet to hold napkins and forks!  It was the perfect size!!!  Once again...a functional present doubles as a stylish table decoration....always nice!

The prizes for our two {very funny} shower games were blue and green colored antibacterial soaps from Bath and Body Works! I am always finding a way to fight those germs away... ha, ha!  Just kidding...though I do love these soaps!

Yesterday's post covered the dessert table, so I am not sharing much about it today...but this is the banner that was displayed at the front of the table.  It read, "Sweet Baby."  Get it?  Sweet...dessert table...???

Check out these sweet baby socks with tiny little whales!!!  Precious!  I added these to the dessert table display.

Ribbon topiaries added to the color scheme and the table decor!  I made ribbon topiaries for a week...5 small for {every other} guest table and 2 large topiaries
for the edges of the dessert table!   

 I alternated the ribbon topiaries on the guest tables with these decorative pick centerpieces...a staple in my etsy shop...if ever you are in need!!!

Notice the ribbon backdrop on the dessert table!   Maybe you saw it yesterday but I thought it deserved it's own shout out, today!  See more about the dessert table in yesterday's post!

I truly enjoyed hosting this whale-themed baby shower!  It was a special day full of special people!  Now I am ready to meet Baby Brady!!!  We just can't wait to hold him! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday, readers!  I hope you are blessed and find opportunities to be a blessing to those around you!  Spread a little joy today!!!


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