Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Friend Feature

How many of us have a friend with amazing abilities to craft, decorate, bake, or design???  You know what I mean!  Those ladies who seem to turn every simple occasion into something completely spectacular just by tuning into "their skills!"  I have chosen to dedicate Fridays {from time to time} to featuring those "superwomen!"  It is my blogging vision, if you will, to honor one of these talented chicas a month {on a Friday, of course!}  As you know, I am a teacher and the school year is about to we shall see how that blogging vision really unfolds.... 
Nonetheless, today marks the first ever Happy Hearted Hostess Friday Friend Feature!!!

The first "superwoman" I have chosen to feature is named Rhianna.  She is actually one of my own besties, my cousin, and was the matron of honor in my wedding!  So, of course, she gets to be the first!  Rhianna is incredibly talented and very creative.  Of all of the many things she does well, I think the most blog worthy are her sugar cookie centerpieces!  They are nothing short of brilliant!!!  You will wonder why you didn't think of it first! 

Rhianna says that she makes these for everything from birthday parties to bridal showers.  They are adorable on the center of a table and {I can tell you from experience}...they are delish!!! 

When asking her about these yummy creations, Rhianna said, "I can't take credit for the idea.  I have a friend who used to do it as a small business and she let me in on the secret!"  This, my readers, is what the Friday Friend Feature is all about!  Friends sharing and inspiring each other because really....Behind every superwoman is a superwoman friend!!!  I know, by now, you must be hoping I will let you in on the secret.  Your wish has been granted!  Read on, happy hearted readers!! 

Make the dough and let it chill overnight!  Roll and cut the cookies. Place the sticks in and bake them.  Let them cool before you put on the base coat of icing.  Pipe the outline and let it dry.  Bag the cookies and decorate, decorate, decorate! 

Rhianna, thank you for sharing your savvy {and oh, so cute!} culinary skills with us!  Readers, if you have been inspired by Rhianna's cookie centerpieces, I would love to see your very own cookie creations!  Please email pics of your finished products to me at

Do you have a crafter, baker, designer, hostess, party planner, or decorator "superwoman"
pal that you would like to see featured on the Friday Friend Feature?  I will be choosing many more friends to come!  Simply email me your friend's amazing ideas, tips, and pictures of finished products!  Can't wait to hear from you, readers!!  Have a wonderful weekend and spread some joy today!  Love to you all!!!


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