Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gender Reveal Parties

I just read a charming blog post about Kate Landers' gender reveal party.  Many of you are likely familiar with Kate Landers Event, LLC.  If Kate is new to you, you won't want
to miss this delightful post about the party she
styled for close family and friends.  Too sweet!

Can you guess what they are having?  I'll give you a hint.  Kate's party went much like the gender reveal
party we had for Kaden last summer. 
Speaking of...
{I've never posted these pictures!}
In celebration of gender reveal parties,
here are a few memories of our very own!

Disclaimer:  Our party was a last minute idea and was literally planned in the thirty minute drive home from
our ultrasound.  It was a happy {and humble} little event
with 13 guests {close family and friends that weren't busy
in the half an hour that we gave them to arrive!} 

I was not gifted in the area of "playing it cool" so we told our guests that they couldn't show even a minute early...
we weren't about to let them "figure me out."  Ha, ha!
My mom and friend, Stephanie were very persistent!  
Notice the sign I posted on the front door. 

First things first!  Our fam and friends were asked to post their guesses on the fridge.  Even the preschoolers voted!

We let big brother, Gavin cut the cake!  He looks so tiny in this picture...where does the time go?
Please overlook the {very ugly} icing on the cake...yikes!  The hubby was trying to conceal the bright blue cakemix that we could see right through the white icing.  As stated before, this was a last minute idea that came to us that very afternoon on the way home from the doctor's office. 
Oh dear...not a pretty cake...but a great memory!

Blue Cake!!!  It's a boy!  We were excited to know that Gavin would have a baby brother to share his childhood with and we would have another precious little boy to love!

That day began the longest naming process ever known to man!  We discussed a new name nearly every day!  For longer periods of time, we called our sweet guy, "Cooper," "Hudson," and "Blake" {which almost stuck forever}...
 and finally landed on the keeper...
We love you, Baby Kaden!  Our sweet snugglebug!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Happy Along the Way

We're home from vacation!  We just spent a wonderful week in Gatlinburg, TN with my hubby's family.  Traveling is one of my favorite things about summer!   In the midst of tourism and
 sight-seeing, I made a few discoveries that I can't wait to share with you!

I can't believe
I went my whole life without indulging in this yummy frozen yogurt! 
Stop by
the next time you are in Pigeon Forge, TN or at any of the {many} other Tutti Frutti locations. 
You will be glad you did!
Delish...very delish!!!

Perhaps you've been to Tutti Frutti before...but it was a great discovery for me!  You simply grab a cup and choose from one of the many {ice-cream like} flavors.  Then the toppings....too many to choose just one.  To be honest, I had a hard time deciding and ended up with an unorthodox combination of toppings...and yes, I will be counting calories this week!  
The next discovery thrilled my soul to say the least!  We were staying in the Brentwood area of Nashville on the way home.  We decided to find a fun place for dinner when I spotted this adorable little shop that appeared to be right up my alley!  {It was!}

Let me just was love at first sight!  IveyCake had the most stunning cupcakes I have ever seen in my life!  So much talent in the form of a cupcake!  BRILLIANT!!!  Who doesn't love a great cupcake?  Traveling through Brentwood or Franklin?  Stop by one of IveyCake's two locations!
The Cupcakes were adorable and had the cutest names!  I chose the "I Do" cupcake.  The {very kind} lady behind the counter said, "That's actually the cupcake Ivey made for Carrie Underwood's wedding!"  I was stunned!  I said, "Oh? She made the cupcakes for her wedding?"  The lady pointed me in the direction of the magazine article on the back wall  where I read that Ivey was actually a bridesmaid for Carrie Underwood and baked for her at the Ritz Carlton!!!!  WOW!  The cupcake tower was tall and gorgeous....and I was thrilled that I had ordered the cupcake designed for Carrie Underwood!  {I just love Carrie!} 

Have you ever seen cupcakes look so elegant and glamorous???   That's talent!

My yummy cupcake!  {It was actually prettier than this but I smudged it a bit
when I got it out of the little cupcake box...oops.}  Isn't is precious?
The rest of my fam got cupcakes, too!  Check out the hubby's cupcake.  He loves anything cookies 'n' cream flavored!  {It had an Oreo on top...but Bret didn't know I was going to need a pic for my blog!}  Ha, ha!

Gavin had a mini cupcake!  It was perfect for a little guy!

Of course, Kaden can't eat cupcakes yet...but he watched us longingly { as he really wants to eat table food.}  So, I let him hold the was the least I could do.  That made his day!!!  Bless his little heart.  He was so happy!

Such fun findings, right?!  Of course, these two shops were just a small part of our vacation...but I won't go on and on about the rest.  I hope your summer travelings are adventurous, rejuvenating, and that you find a little happy along the way!  My husband's grandfather, a retired pastor and very wise man, gave us all this bit of advice for vacation {that I must share with you...}  "Enjoy life!"  Summer love to you all! Spread some joy today!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something to Shout About!

I just received an email
that my "Fun in the Sun" banner
was featured on
 The Handmade Gift Guide 
in an article on Summer Shopping
and Pool Party decor!!!
Readers, I am always honest with I must confess...I've been jumping up and down for the past thirty minutes!  I couldn't wait to share the news!  Head on over to their blog to check it out!

Hope your Wednesday is as happy as mine! 
 Spread some joy today!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grand Opening of the Happy Hearted Hostess Shop on Etsy.Com!

I am excited to share that I have opened a shop on Etsy!  If you are unfamiliar with this site, it is so much fun!  Etsy is the place online to sell and buy all things handmade.  Check it out!
Be sure to see my new shop @
Want to share the shop with your friends on facebook or twitter?  There is a place on my etsy page where you can "like" the HappyHeartedHostess! Don't forget to visit the shop again for some new collections, partyware items, and much more!

Keep an eye on my blog for an exciting
Grand Opening giveaway...coming soon!  You won't want to miss it!!!  Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

School's Out for Summer!!!

Who doesn't love a good summer party?  Our church hosted an "End of the School Year"
Ice Cream Party tonight for the kids...and adults!  As a member of the children's ministry council, I was heading up the decorating anyway...and (who am I kidding??)I just started this, I made a banner and a centerpiece for the ice cream table! 
{A good use of the boys' naptime, right?}  I enjoyed the afternoon of crafting!

Aren't you inspired to take a run through the sprinkler in the backyard and eat a slice of watermelon?  I knew you would be...Let the summer fun begin!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ballerina Birthday Banner

My bestie's daughter turned five last Saturday and celebrated
with a Ballet themed birthday bash.  (She is becoming quite the dancer!) 
I made this birthday banner for the ballerina party to match the
 pink and black invitations and cake. 
 I really liked the way it looked by the pink and black polka-dotted balloons.  I would have taken a picture but the banner was hung across a ballet mirror...not ideal for photography. 
  These pictures that I took (while the banner was at my house) will have to do, I suppose!  I loved the color scheme of this party!  {Pink is my favorite color!  As the mommy
of two little boys, there isn't much pink in my life anymore!  Ha, ha :)
That is quite alright but I did enjoy making this girly-girl's birthday banner!} 

Happy Birthday, Mercedes!!! 

Retirement Banner

A wonderful teacher retired  from our school, last Friday...tear. 
This is the banner I made for her (luau themed) retirement dinner!
I made a few initial letters to match and used them as table decorations on the head table.
 She is such a special person and will be greatly missed.  

Best of luck in retirement, Mrs. Yow! 

"2 Infinity and Beyond" Second Birthday Party

Gavin's second birthday theme was an obvious choice for me. 
Although I thought about several other themes...I kept coming back to Buzz.  
Gavin loves Buzz Lightyear! 
 (He's only seen the first movie and has watched the same scenes again and again but
I don't think he's caught on!)  I decided to call this party, "2 Infinity and Beyond!"
 in honor of his second birthday.  I made this banner to hang beside the food table.
I made another banner to hang above the gift table...
The favor table included Alien birthday hats, Toy Story Blow-outs,
"Make Your Own Mr. Potato Head" Stickers,
and Buzz Lightyear flyers (a favorite of the older boys at the party.) 
Gavin was a fan of the big Buzz Lightyear balloons!

I ordered Gavin's shirt from a shop called Made Cute Just 4U through etsy.  She did a really nice job!  The shirt was customized exactly the way I wanted it and the quality was excellent!

When asked what Buzz says, Gavin always answers, "ZOOM!" 
 The party tables alternated between royal blue "Buzz"tables
 and lime green "Zoom" tables...
Shout out to my friend, Stephanie for assembling every rocket ship at the party...I owe you!

The theme for the food was, "Andy's Pizza Planet!"
 {Remember 'The Pizza Planet' from the movie???}
The menu consisted of: "Andy's Pizza Planet," "Mr. Potato Head Chips,"
"Woody's Canteloupe Stars," and "Buzz's Moon Pies."

We played the Toy Story Movie (original movie) as guests arrived and ate at the beginning of the party.  The toddler guests were excited to watch such a big version of the movie!
I asked several dads, in advance, to participate in the first game. 
The dads raced to put Mr. Potato Head together while wearing blindfolds.  HILARIOUS!!! 
The next two games were toddler-friendly.  We played, "Don't Let the Aliens (balloons) Touch the Ground," and "Return the Lost Army Men to Andy's Room."  The preschoolers were so funny to watch hitting the balloons around.  They had a blast!  Gavin's cousin (also a two-year-old) won the second game with a total of 23 army guys collected!  She took the game very seriously and won a Toy Story coloring book!
The Toy Story Coloring Table was a popular place to be!  We stuck jumbo-size coloring sheets to the table with double-sided tape and layed out crayons. 

Gavin is very blessed to have such good buddies...

...and we are very blessed to be Gavin's parents! 
Happy Birthday, my sweet Buzz Lightyear!
We love you to infinity and beyond!!!