Friday, June 3, 2011

"2 Infinity and Beyond" Second Birthday Party

Gavin's second birthday theme was an obvious choice for me. 
Although I thought about several other themes...I kept coming back to Buzz.  
Gavin loves Buzz Lightyear! 
 (He's only seen the first movie and has watched the same scenes again and again but
I don't think he's caught on!)  I decided to call this party, "2 Infinity and Beyond!"
 in honor of his second birthday.  I made this banner to hang beside the food table.
I made another banner to hang above the gift table...
The favor table included Alien birthday hats, Toy Story Blow-outs,
"Make Your Own Mr. Potato Head" Stickers,
and Buzz Lightyear flyers (a favorite of the older boys at the party.) 
Gavin was a fan of the big Buzz Lightyear balloons!

I ordered Gavin's shirt from a shop called Made Cute Just 4U through etsy.  She did a really nice job!  The shirt was customized exactly the way I wanted it and the quality was excellent!

When asked what Buzz says, Gavin always answers, "ZOOM!" 
 The party tables alternated between royal blue "Buzz"tables
 and lime green "Zoom" tables...
Shout out to my friend, Stephanie for assembling every rocket ship at the party...I owe you!

The theme for the food was, "Andy's Pizza Planet!"
 {Remember 'The Pizza Planet' from the movie???}
The menu consisted of: "Andy's Pizza Planet," "Mr. Potato Head Chips,"
"Woody's Canteloupe Stars," and "Buzz's Moon Pies."

We played the Toy Story Movie (original movie) as guests arrived and ate at the beginning of the party.  The toddler guests were excited to watch such a big version of the movie!
I asked several dads, in advance, to participate in the first game. 
The dads raced to put Mr. Potato Head together while wearing blindfolds.  HILARIOUS!!! 
The next two games were toddler-friendly.  We played, "Don't Let the Aliens (balloons) Touch the Ground," and "Return the Lost Army Men to Andy's Room."  The preschoolers were so funny to watch hitting the balloons around.  They had a blast!  Gavin's cousin (also a two-year-old) won the second game with a total of 23 army guys collected!  She took the game very seriously and won a Toy Story coloring book!
The Toy Story Coloring Table was a popular place to be!  We stuck jumbo-size coloring sheets to the table with double-sided tape and layed out crayons. 

Gavin is very blessed to have such good buddies...

...and we are very blessed to be Gavin's parents! 
Happy Birthday, my sweet Buzz Lightyear!
We love you to infinity and beyond!!!


Julie said...

I have a Gavin who is turning 2 in December and he LOVES Toy Story! I was looking for inspiration for his party and boy have i found it. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Would you happen to still have any of your decorations left over? I would be interested in buying them if you'd consider it! Thanks so much!

Julie Pierce

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