Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gender Reveal Parties

I just read a charming blog post about Kate Landers' gender reveal party.  Many of you are likely familiar with Kate Landers Event, LLC.  If Kate is new to you, you won't want
to miss this delightful post about the party she
styled for close family and friends.  Too sweet!

Can you guess what they are having?  I'll give you a hint.  Kate's party went much like the gender reveal
party we had for Kaden last summer. 
Speaking of...
{I've never posted these pictures!}
In celebration of gender reveal parties,
here are a few memories of our very own!

Disclaimer:  Our party was a last minute idea and was literally planned in the thirty minute drive home from
our ultrasound.  It was a happy {and humble} little event
with 13 guests {close family and friends that weren't busy
in the half an hour that we gave them to arrive!} 

I was not gifted in the area of "playing it cool" so we told our guests that they couldn't show even a minute early...
we weren't about to let them "figure me out."  Ha, ha!
My mom and friend, Stephanie were very persistent!  
Notice the sign I posted on the front door. 

First things first!  Our fam and friends were asked to post their guesses on the fridge.  Even the preschoolers voted!

We let big brother, Gavin cut the cake!  He looks so tiny in this picture...where does the time go?
Please overlook the {very ugly} icing on the cake...yikes!  The hubby was trying to conceal the bright blue cakemix that we could see right through the white icing.  As stated before, this was a last minute idea that came to us that very afternoon on the way home from the doctor's office. 
Oh dear...not a pretty cake...but a great memory!

Blue Cake!!!  It's a boy!  We were excited to know that Gavin would have a baby brother to share his childhood with and we would have another precious little boy to love!

That day began the longest naming process ever known to man!  We discussed a new name nearly every day!  For longer periods of time, we called our sweet guy, "Cooper," "Hudson," and "Blake" {which almost stuck forever}...
 and finally landed on the keeper...
We love you, Baby Kaden!  Our sweet snugglebug!!!


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