Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends, Family, and Fireworks!

What a blessed day we had yesterday!  We invited some of our friends and family over for some old-fashioned summer fun! 

Kids ran through the sprinkler, played on a slip 'n' slide, and jumped {the bigger ones literally jumped} in the baby pool!  Barbecue, lawn chairs, and homemade side dishes added to the July festivities!  Our friends, all parents of children under the age of 5, sat on blankets with their toddlers eating blueberries and strawberries. 

 It was truly refreshing to be in such good company!  I wish I had more pictures...
but I may have had to dry my camera off for a while after getting Kaden out of the baby pool...oops!
Yesterday's party was simple but infused with red, white, and blue!  From the sweet little girls' hair bows to Americana themed goodies and treats, we enjoyed the 4th of July the way it is meant to be celebrated!

You can find the directions for these yummy strawberries at Grin and Bake It!  {I thought these looked a bit cuter in person...I don't exactly pride myself in my culinary skills, though.}  Still...a fun treat!
Our holiday was so reminiscent of the simple summer gatherings of my childhood!  We are blessed to have such wonderful friends for our children to grow up with!  When you look past elaborate decorations and beautiful appetizers {the kinds of details I typically love and adore}, the company you share an event with is really all that matters...and all that our young children will remember twenty years from now! 

 May you be blessed with friendship, family, a good sprinkler to run through on summer days, laughter in your backyard, and a friend who always remembers to pack sunscreen and bug spray for your children when you forget!  May you enjoy summer days
under a shade tree with your best friends!
May there always be a blue popsicle to enjoy during fireworks...and some good laundry detergent to follow the blue popsicle!  All my love to you, readers! 
Spread some happy today!



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