Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Whale-Themed Dessert Table

I've heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child.  Perhaps that is true.  Many special people take part in the nurturing and education of our sweet babies in those early years!  Along with parents there are: grandparents and other significant family members, friends, teachers, caregivers, church families, and often many others willing  to walk with us as we raise the tiny lives that God has graciously  entrusted us with.  How true is that saying?!
I suppose it is no wonder that it took a village to throw this baby shower!  Amy is much loved by friends, family, and church members.  A multitude of folks {seriously... many, many people} asked me if they could help in some way in this celebration for Amy and Baby Brady!  I worked with a great team of friends and family members to plan this shower!
What a party it was!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday's post introduced the Mommy-to-be behind today's post!  This whale themed shower was a "splash" of fun to style and to host!  There is simply too much fun to share in one post, so today I am going to focus on my favorite aspect of Baby Brady's shower!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to The Dessert Table!!! 

This was one of my projects for the shower and I had a "whale of a time!"  Ha, ha, ha!  {Not a good joke???}
I enlisted Kaleigh from Lotte Lu and Brother Too to design and bake these incredible whale sugar cookies!  She did not dissapoint!!!  They were exactly what I had hoped for.  She's so talented!  Check out her blog to see what she can do.  You're in for a treat...I assure you!!!!

 I had to show the cookies as they were when I picked them up on this little platter and tied in tulle!  How cute are they??
Kaleigh took the pictures I sent her of the color scheme, the vision I had for these cookies, and totally ran with the idea!
She made whales, a "B" for Brady, and various other shapes and designs to match the ribbon I was using.  They tasted incredible, as well!  These cookies completely rocked out the whale theme!!!  Shout out {and a huge thanks} to Kaleigh!

The cake was too sweet as well!  B's Cakes Bakery did a fabulous job making my dreams for the shower cake come true!!!  Shout out {and a special thanks} to B's Cakes!  Brandy of B's Cakes was creative and wonderful to work with!  Thank you, thank you, thank you
for this darling whale creation!!!

The cake is shown here with the cake topper I made!  The cake and cupcake toppers read, "Sweet Baby Brady." 

The cakepops for the shower were from my very own kitchen!  {Though they would not have made an appearance had I not pulled a crazy college-like all-nighter Thursday into Friday morning!} Safe to say that I won't forget these cakpops anytime soon!!!  They aren't perfect...but I've said it before...I'm very humble about my culinary skills for a reason!  Ha, ha, ha!
 My favorite detail of the whole shower....drumroll, please...
Look at the whale below {actually a faucet cover that we bought for Baby Brady} with the white cake pops coming from them!  What's that you say?  Functional  baby gift meets stylish shower detail?  I think so!!!

 The rock candy was a big hit with the little girls at the shower!  Rock candy...who would have thought?  They loved it and kept coming back for more!!!  Kids are funny!

I think that sums up the dessert table!  It was a wonderfully fun summer project for a very sweet Baby!
  I'll share more about the details of the shower {decorations,etc...} on the next post!!!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!  Spread a little happy today...everywhere you go!  Love to you!!! 


Lotte Lu and Brother Too said...

Oh My Goodness Courtney! It looks so great! Thank you for the sweet shout out! I LOVED baking them for you! I was worried about the colors I did, but it looks great!

The whale with the cake pops coming out is my favorite!

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