Monday, July 11, 2011

Trivia Night

Who doesn't love a great trivia night???  Okay...maybe I'm not the biggest fan of trivia in general...but I do love the social scene and the great snacks!  {Once in a while, I know a little something that I can contribute to the happens!}

This particular project was actually for my husband.  He is the music minister at our church and organized this trivia night for our choir members and their spouses!  Very fun!
These treat boxes held popcorn and doubled as table numbers for the teams!  Our friends make the best {seriously it's movie-theater amazing} popcorn ever!!!  They were gracious enough to fix plenty...some for each table....yum!

Trivia-goers brought snacks to share!  Check out this terrific table full of appetizers...We had everything from spinach and artichoke dip to home-made fudge!  These people know how to party!
The prize table had mason jars {find them at Walmart} tagged with the names of each prize!  Guests got to put their names in their prizes of choice to be drawn at the end of each round!
Shout out to my husband...(does he actually read this blog regularly...hmmm???)...anyway Hubby, I would love to own a copy of the book Crazy Love myself!  Just throwing that out there since my birthday is next month, you know! 
Our church has a soda fountain these days!  {It's the new beloved summer addition to our church family!}  I am going to be honest.  The next picture is really only posted because the brigthly colored lids on the soda pitchers makes me smile!
The trivia night was a blast because we have the best church family!  Truly, they are wonderful people...and it turns out, they really know some trivial things!  Impressive! Who knew??? 
Thank you to our friends who came early to pop the very delish popcorn!  Thank you to the
trivia-goers who brought those fabulous appetizers!  Your culinary skills amaze me!!  ...and a very special thank you to the nursery workers who watched many little ones for the party!  We love you all!


Bird said...

Hey Courtney!! Loving the fun ideas!! :)


Lotte Lu and Brother Too said...

Love the popcorn bags! Do you use a silhouette or a cricut? Perfect color choice too!

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