Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Beginning of the Happy-hearted Hostess

The day has finally come!  I am really starting the blog that I've been discussing with so many of my close friends and family members for the past year.  {A special thank you to my hubby, family, and besties for patiently listening to my ideas, reservations, ideas again, and reservations again about starting this blog!  Thank you for encouraging me to move forward with this new creative outlet!}  

I am thrilled to be combining my love for party planning with my interests in writing, decorating, designing, and even a few new crafting skills!  For those friends who've somehow managed to miss my year-long, ongoing, verbal thought process as I determined exactly what I wanted this blog to be...let me catch you up!

 I have always had a love for entertaining!  My mom was ahead of her time, throwing elaborately themed birthday parties for my brother and I...which wasn't necessarily quite as in vogue in the eighties/nineties.  Way to go, Mom!  I think my passion for parties and holidays began with her love for a reason to celebrate.  The rest is history.  From the annual end of the school year sleepovers at my house to the "Happy Almost Christmas Day" (the holiday I sort of made up in college...shout out to my HACD friends)...I wish I had started documenting my hostessing projects earlier!  Now, as the mommy of two precious boys, I enjoy throwing birthday parties fit for toddlers! 

A far cry from magazine-worthy, my parties are usually simple and joy-filled events that tend to reflect my (slightly detail-oriented) personality and love for life!  I can honestly say that being with friends, in even the smallest of get-togethers, makes my heart happy! 

My true joy, of course, comes from my Savior and the hope and peace I have in Him...refer to 1 Thessalonians 5:16.  I hope my life: my husband, my children, my career, my hobbies, and even this blog are reflections of that joy...the joy that comes only from God.  I hope that everything I do will be done with a happy heart.  I suppose that is how I finally decided on an official name for this blog. 

It is with a joyful heart that I invite you to follow my new blog: The Happy-hearted Hostess!


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